Balko Des Flos out for the season

RacehorseClub is sorry to announce that Balko Des Flos is out for the remainder of the season. After his race at Cheltenham he returned to the unsaddling enclosure lame and was immediately looked over by the vets on course.

It was thought that he had only suffered a stone bruise as there was nothing showing up on the x-rays which were taken after the race. He was made comfortable on his right hind foot so he could travel back to Ireland. 

He seemed to be improving as the gunge and infection came out of his foot, however a few days later he was still very sore. 

As a result, it was decided that he needed to be checked thoroughly once again by the vets to see if anything had developed. As the infection continued to clear it began to become evident on the x-rays that he had fractured his pedal bone. 

It is very common for this injury not to show on x-rays immediately and with the infection in Balko's foot it created a cloudy picture hence the delay in the correct diagnosis.

It is now thought that during the race something had gone through his foot and up to his pedal bone causing the fracture.

It has been advised by the vets that Balko must undertake strict box rest for the next 6 weeks. He will be x-rayed again the first week of February to determine readiness to commence his exercise routine.

This unfortunately will mean that he will be out for the remainder of the jumps season. 

We will keep you updated on his progress and the main priority now is to make sure Balko is comfortable and continues to get the best care possible.

Here he is this morning at Spring Lodge where he is recovering.