RacehorseClub membership

Owning a racing club share is just the beginning, the start of an incredible racehorse ownership experience. Watch as your horse enters all the big meetings from Royal Ascot to the Grand National.

Why join RacehorseClub?

  • Welcome pack

    The welcome pack includes your personalised share certificate, membership card, owners’ badge, pen, key-ring, booklet and a photograph of your horse.

  • Meet the team

    Members are welcome to meet the trainers, jockeys and the equine superstars themselves at the stable. A true ownership experience!

  • Members portal

    Accessible via, all members receive regular exclusive updates, video footage and photographs from their trainer.

  • Ballots

    Regular ballots enable our members to visit the races 'as owners' and enjoy a day at the races meeting our ambassadors, jockeys and trainers.

  • Events

    We believe our racing club offers more. RacehorseClub will continue to provide fantastic events designed to maximise your ownership experience.

  • Prize money

    Every member receives their share of all prize money paid directly into their account. This can be withdrawn at any time.